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The best way to a man's heart —

is between the fourth and fifth rib.

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Name:( your better half ) peter nureyev.

To Peter Nureyev, his anonymity is the most important weapon in his arsenal.

Born, orphaned, and raised in Brahma by a master thief, years of practice, dedication, trial, and error, have made Nureyev just as much of a master as his tutor, excelling in disguise and deception, seduction and problem solving. Charismatic, James Bond-esque, and willing to risk it all with a devil-may-care attitude, Nureyev dances dangerously on the edge of the knife of chance. He prides himself on his ability to concoct master schemes, always remaining at least five steps ahead of the opposition.

When trouble arises, I just disappear.
36 years old; a thief and a gentleman.

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everyone needs a place, it shouldn't be inside of someone else.
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